To this day, Melé remembers how her first yoga class affected her and her friends—an immense feeling of stillness, calm and enlightenment after moving and working their bodies. The ability to guide someone into this state of peace and well-being intrigued Melé and started her on her Yoga journey. It also made her hungry to understand how to bring others into this state, where she began her teacher training journey.
Melé also teaches Yin, Yoga Nidra, Restorative Yoga,  Meditation, Hatha and Mindful Vinyasa Flow.
She’s a Reiki and Sound Therapist, so weaves these modalities into some classes and workshops.
She can’t wait to meet you!
Yin Yang Yoga with Melé
We’ll explore the different energies generated through a Yang (energising) and Yin (stillness and meditation) practise.
We will warm and energise as we progressively work through a mindful flowing Yang asana (postures) practice. That will help to build muscle strength, energy fluidity and develop your flexibility, embodiment and spatial awareness.
In the Yin portion we’ll slow things right down, tapping into restorative and meditative principles of Yin, focusing on stillness and calm. Postures are passively held for longer periods helping to free connective tissue, while directing energy around the main meridian pathways.

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