Virtual Yoga, Food & Music Retreat Weekend


I am really excited to share three of my passions with you on this virtual retreat; Yoga, Food & Music. I will be weaving some of my asian heritage into this and teaching you how to make perfect rice!

I will be leading a two day retreat over the weekend filled with wellness, tips and good mood food. We will start with yoga, cook a lovely asian meal for lunch on day 1 and end with a guided meditation. On day two we will begin the day with yoga and learn how to make your own nutritious face mask ending with a restorative yoga and music.

**You only need to purchase 1 ticket per household and feel free to do this together with the family : ) This is about community, connection and retreating whilst being safe**

Your shopping list is below. Note I have also included work arounds, links and vegan options.

On the Menu – Miso Aubergine with courgette & carrot asian salad and egg rice

Face mask – Matcha and Honey

Details, schedule and ingredients list below.

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Day 1 | Saturday 2nd May

09:00 – All levels yoga class – to get us in the mindful mood and energised

10:15 – We’ll move to the kitchen and prepare our food.

Prior to the retreat I will send you a video to prepare your miso glaze. I will also ask you to prep your spring onions, chilli, green tea and substitute for miso if you can’t get hold of any.

We will prepare the salad, marinate the aubergine and part cook the rice. I’ll show you a really cute way of presenting this.

11:00 – 30 minute guided meditation

11:30 – We will put the aubergine in the oven and prepare the rice.

12:00 – Finish, eat, chat and do what ever you feel. If you feel you want to eat by yourself you’re welcome to leave at this point.


Day 2 | Sunday 3rd May

10:00 – All levels yoga class

11:00 – Matcha face mask making/ application of face mask (if you are using green tea prep before day. Details below)

11:30 – Wash our face mask off

11:45 – Sophie from Neal’s Yard Q & A session

12:00 – Gentle yoga, followed by restorative and music

13:00 – End of our retreat, chats and gratitude.


Ingredients :

1 aubergine

Rice – Jasmin or basmati

1 courgette

1 carrot

Spring onions


Sesame seeds (optional)

1 Red Chilli (optional for spice)

Egg (optional for rice)

1 jar of Brown Rice Miso paste (you should be able to get in the supermarket see below for links and alternatives) – this will provide 6-10 portions

Matcha Tea Powder (can be expensive so see below for links and alternatives) – for face mask and lattes


Other ingredients:

Honey (or Agave for vegans)

Soy Sauce

Sesame oil (you can use vegetable or olive oil if you can’t find this)

Salt / Pepper for seasoning


Cooking utensils/equipment: Oven, 1 oven tray, salad bowl, bowl for marinade, peeler, saucepan, frying pan, wooden spoon, spatular, sharp knife. Table spoon and tea spoon for measure.


**Note post is taking up to 7-10 days to arrive**

Matcha tea powder £4.95 with free shipping – Pure Chimp 

Brown rice Miso £2.99 with £2.50 shipping – Clearspring


Matcha tea – You can put green tea leaves in a blender.

Miso – Pureed garlic, pureed ginger, soy sauce, honey, sesame oil.


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